cpd23 Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

This week I’ve spent some time redesigning / messing about with the look of my blog.  I enjoy photography – nothing hi-tech just point and click – and wanted to use a few of my photos on my blog.  I think I’m finally happy with the way it looks – at least for the time being …

I guess anyone looking at my blog now would at the very least think it was created by someone who likes nature and colour (pretty broad areas) even though they wouldn’t know I’ve taken the photos.

I’m not treating this as a work-based / professional blog so although I’ve used my name or at least nickname in my blog title I haven’t given my full name anywhere as I don’t consider it necessary for how I want to use the blog.

As expected my name is far too common / popular to bring up any relevant results on its own but I was surprised that by just adding the word ‘library’ the 1st result which was brought back was the flow diagram of the staff structure of my organisation.


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